Home Sport Ulster Football Championship: Fermanagh and Down set for Brewster battle

Ulster Football Championship: Fermanagh and Down set for Brewster battle

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After losing players in previous matches due to Covid-19 cases and incidents of self-isolation, it could be fair to say that Fermanagh haven’t shown their full potential this season to date. 

Down’s return to football hasn’t been conventional either, having been awarded an unusual walkover when Leitrim conceded their League game. 

The two points gained from it proved lucky for Paddy Tally’s side, who still managed to achieve promotion despite losing to Louth. 

Now that health has been restored to the Ernesiders and the Mournemen have had a proper chance to dust off the cobwebs, Sunday’s game could prove an interesting battle. 

With the reversal of positions in the League – Down promoted to Division Two and Fermanagh taking their spot in third division following relegation – the gulf in talent might not seem too far apart.

‘We should be confident’ – Fermanagh’s Donnelly

Fermanagh already have the advantage of the match being played in their home grounds of Brewster Park. 

“It’s a ground that we should be confident in,” said Fermanagh captain, Eoin Donnelly, despite acknowledging that the team lost there to Donegal last season.

Both teams were put out at the quarter-final stages last year, but this season’s knockout rules will mean an even more devastating blow to the loser.

Neither squad seems to be taking the challenge lightly or underestimating the other. 

Down boss Tally said: “They (Fermanagh) are backboned by a lot of experienced players who understand the system and are more direct under Ryan (McMenamin) than they might have been in the past. Defensively they are very well organised too.”

Jerome Johnston helped Kilcoo retain the Down Club title this year