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Cancer Focus NI welcomes release of Northern Ireland’s stop smoking services figures


Cancer Focus NI welcomes release of Northern Ireland’s stop smoking services’ 4 week figures for 2021/22 and 52 week follow up for 2020/2021.

Naomi Thompson, Health Improvement Manager at Cancer Focus NI, said: “Cancer Focus NI congratulates the thousands of local people who made this major change towards a healthier lifestyle.

“Smoking causes over a quarter of cancer deaths and is our greatest cause of preventable ill health. Stopping is the most important thing a smoker can do to improve their health. That’s why tobacco control has been central to our health improvement campaigning for 5 decades.

Cancer Focus NI established our stop smoking service in 1973. Through that we’ve learned that stopping smoking can be challenging for many people. However, the great news is that smokers are 4 times more likely to succeed if they have access proven support services such as those of Cancer Focus NI and the Public Health Agency.

The success of the overall Northern Ireland Stop Smoking Service is something to be celebrated. We in Cancer Focus NI are especially proud of our contribution to that overall success”.

For 2021-2022, 426 people signing up to Cancer Focus NI’s Service and set a Quit Day, 314 quit at 4 weeks (74%) which is significantly higher than the quality Standard of 45-50% and NICE benchmark of 35%. Our Service found that despite the pandemic our Quit rates improved.

In addition, 102 people using Cancer Focus NI’s Service in 2020-21 remained quit at 52 weeks (28%) – the Quality standard is 20% at a year. 

Naomi continued, “We are resuming face to face work in youth and workplace settings, whilst those in a GP setting remain predominantly virtual. We continue to provide a successful stop smoking service by video, phone and using our private Facebook group for people in the Belfast and SE Trust areas, so please get in touch.”

Cancer Focus NI’s award-winning stop smoking service is funded by the PHA. Stop smoking services are also available in GP practices, community pharmacies and a range of health and wellbeing centres, community settings, workplace and youth settings including schools.

There are a number of ways to get in touch with Cancer Focus NI’s Stop Smoking Service by emailing: want2stop@cancerfocusni.org or register online:www.cancerfocusni.org/cancer-prevention/smoking