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Newry: Man charged over hatchet attack attempted murder


A man has appeared in court charged with attempted murder over an incident in which two men were attacked with hatchets in Newry.

One of the assailants in the attack tried to decapitate one of the victims, Lisburn Magistrates Court heard.

Jamie Gallogly is charged with two counts of attempted murder, aggravated burglary, criminal damage and possessing a weapon.

All the offences are alleged to have been committed on 1 June.

A detective said he believed he could connect Mr Gallogly, 27, of Main Street, Belleeks, to each of the charges.

He added that bail was opposed due to the risk of further offences being committed.

According to the police case, the victims were asleep in a mobile home on the Moorhill Road in Newry when two masked and hooded men, armed with hatchets, smashed their way in and attacked them.

Attack ‘linked to gang feud’

The detective outlined how one of the victims had been left with a 12cm laceration to the back of his neck, a fractured skull, a punctured lung and “significant damage to the bones in his left hand”.

The second victim was said to have sustained “life-changing injuries” including a fractured skull, two punctured lungs as well as “severe lacerations… caused by a bladed instrument”.

Mr Gallogly was named by the victims as one of the attackers, the court heard.

When police attended his home “officers noted a strong smell of bleach”, there were “remnants of a fire” smouldering in the grate and they also spotted a “small spot of blood”, which has been sent for forensic analysis.

The detective said police believed the incident was linked to a feud between gangs in Newry as well as other incidents in the area in the past few months.

A defence lawyer argued that with a £10,000 cash sheet and addresses outside of the area available, the defendant could be granted bail.

However, the judge said the main concern for police is that the feud has escalated to an alleged attempted murder bid and that it could get worse.

“I’m going to add to that, there’s a further risk here of interference with witnesses given the context of the offence, that there’s an ongoing dispute between opposing groups in the Newry area.”

Bail was refused and the case was adjourned until 29 June.