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Confederation of Community Groups host Hub event as part of the cross-border Circle of Learning project


The Confederation of Community Groups were delighted to host a Hub event for the cross-border Circle of Learning project.  Through this project each Hub is providing mentoring and community development support to a number of local community organisations; building connections with the other Hubs involved, networking with cross-border groups and building on the pillars of peace and reconciliation.

This project is funded by the Department for Foreign Affairs and managed by Cooperation Ireland; there are four hubs involved – the Confederation of Community Groups, County Armagh Community Development, Clones Family Resource Centre and Teach Na nDaoine Family Resource Centre, Co. Monaghan.

On Wednesday evening we were joined by representatives from the Hubs involved alongside representatives from Ballinacraig Community Association, Caring Coins Association, Dorsey Community Association, Cooperation Ireland, and CCG Management Group.

Speaking at the event, Mr Raymond Jackson, CEO of the CCG, said “The Confederation of Community Groups welcome the opportunity to host this Hub event for the Circle of Learning project; given the difficulties of the past two years it is especially welcome to have people back in person in Ballybot House.  Thanks to Cooperation Ireland for the opportunity to get involved with this cross-border work.

 We are looking forward to continuing this important partnership work and building on the cross-border connections we have established.  We would like to thank all the volunteers who made the time to attend on Wednesday evening and a special word of thanks to those who travelled from Co. Monaghan.”